SRG welcomes the rejection of the halving initiative by the Federal Council

SRG welcomes the confirmation of the Federal Council's decision made in November 2023 to reject the halving initiative.

Public Spaces Incubator unveils innovative concepts for better online public conversations

The Public Spaces Incubator considers how public broadcasters can stimulate informed public debate that is essential to democracy.

SRG SSR building

Change at the top of the SRG is initiated

The Swiss public broadcaster has announced a succession plan for the top leadership ahead of what could be significant reform to how the broadcaster is funded.


SRG SSR warns of significant cuts if levy reductions pass

The Swiss public broadcaster SRG SSR has warned a substantial funding cut would bring drastic consequences for Swiss media.


SRG SSR opposes proposed reduction in Swiss media levy

The Swiss public broadcaster SRG says a proposed cut to the media levy could see up to 900 jobs lost, with devastating results.

PMA members elect new Board of Trustees

The Public Media Alliance warmly welcomes our new Board of public media professionals from around the world.


SRG SSR on fostering citizen’s political participation

With federal elections approaching in Switzerland, SRG SSR has implemented strategies to foster the political engagement of citizens.

A hand holds a mobile phone with the SWIplus app open.

‘SWIplus’ app to strengthen political participation of the Swiss Abroad

The SWIplus app will cater to the 10% of the Swiss population that lives abroad and has specific information needs and media usage habits.


100,000 signatures for “200 francs, that’s enough”

The "200 francs, that's enough" initiative could now go to a referendum after initiator claim they've collected over 100,000 valid signatures.

Der Schwarm promotion image.

ZDF, ORF and SRF are once again increasing volume in co-productions

The public television stations, ZDF, ORF and SRF, agreed on joint program projects for 2023/2024 at their annual co-production conference.