How the BBC created Ukrainecast

15th September 2023
For Radiodays Asia 2023, the Public Media Alliance asked news producers at the BBC to talk about Ukrainecast: how it was launched and how they’ve kept it going. 

Ukrainecast was launched almost as soon as the war broke out, with the news team at the BBC putting the podcast together in just a few days. Over 18 months on from the beginning, the podcast is still going, and retains a loyal and engaged audience, which always grows whenever there is a new headline event.

From the early decisions before the war had even started, to how to sustain it as news fatigue sets in, BBC News Producers Sam Bonham and Jonathan Aspinwall discuss.

This video was part of a session of presentations organised by PMA, all of which explored how podcasts complement the news. Our thanks to the conference, Radiodays Asia, and to Sam Bonham and Jonathan Aspinwall, for allowing us to republish this video.