Speaking at the 2015 Edinburgh International Television Festival, Armando Iannucci delivers a powerful speech about what contemporary TV channels are for, as well as the future of BBC funding, government interference, and the changing dynamic of how the public view TV.

Having been nominated for an Oscar and Emmy awards, Iannucci is famed on both sides of the Atlantic as an esteemed broadcast writer, producer and political commentator. He has worked extensively with the BBC, Sky, HBO and cinema whilst regularly contributing to The Observer, The Guardian and The Telegraph newspapers.

Titled “We’re all in this together”, Iannucci’s James MacTaggart Lecture focussed in-part on the need for a global perspective in valuing the role of public broadcasters, in this case the BBC. He argued that growing creative competition from commercial and user-made content means that those working within public media organisations need to find their collective voice, fast.

The full James MacTaggart Lecture can be found below.

Video and thumbnail courtesy of Edinburgh International Television Festival.