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Join the Public Media Alliance and other members in celebrating World Radio Day 2024!

What is World Radio Day?

World Radio Day is a UNESCO International Day celebrated on 13 February every year since it was adopted in 2011.

World Radio Day is an opportunity to celebrate radio as a medium. It is a chance to promote international cooperation between radio broadcasters, to encourage major networks and local radio stations to foster access to information and freedom of expression.

World Radio Day has a number of objectives, namely: to raise awareness among the general public and the media about the value of public service audio; to encourage decision makers to promote free, independent, pluralistic radio and to strengthen networking and international cooperation between broadcasters.

What’s happening this year?

The theme this year for World Radio Day is Radio: A century informing, entertaining and educating.

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The opportunity provided by the 100-year-plus milestone of Radio begs to be trumpeted at full volume. The century is an occasion to proudly celebrate the medium’s extensive virtues and ongoing potency. It comes at an opportune time, as Radio – though statistically popular and enormously trusted by the public – faces increased challenges to audience and revenue numbers from digital platforms, pervasive social media, digital and generational divides, the headwinds of censorship and, for some media, stifling consolidation-induced debt as well as economic hardships exacerbated by a soft advertising market.

How is PMA celebrating WRD?

To mark the occasion, the Public Media Alliance will be releasing a special BONUS episode of our podcast, Media Uncovered. This podcast will feature three interviews with radio practitioners across the world, and explore how radio informs, educates and entertains.

This podcast will also be available for all radio stations to broadcast as part of their own programming. To find out more, email

How can I get involved?

There are many ways you can get involved in this year’s World Radio Day, such as through using UNESCO’s “World Radio Day Minutes” or by hosting a programme celebrating radio.

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Another opportunity of World Radio Day 2024 being made available by UNESCO is to provide your station, network or show with a list of radio outlets around the world available to participate in programming partnerships with their colleagues in other countries. You can schedule interviews/conversations (either live or prerecorded) with your broadcast colleagues worldwide to compare and contrast the history and role of radio in their respective countries on or leading up to February 13. These shows can be simulcast on both stations or simply be one personality interviewing another.

UNESCO is providing you with broadcasters around the world interested in participating in this process through its page at, “Partnership Opportunities”. Simply, register as open to joint initiatives for the 2024 celebration, and fill out the form that will pop up if you, your station or network would be interested in partnering with others in this exciting process. Check regularly to see fellow broadcasters or partners who will keep registering between now and 13 February.

Text partly sourced from UNESCO