First Caribbean media literacy bootcamp kicks off

Public Media Alliance will today begin the first of its online Media Literacy Bootcamps for Caribbean media professionals.

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Joint statement urges the UN to ensure access to information, media freedom, and public-interest journalism

PMA joins call for UN to commit to greater access to information, media freedom, and public-interest journalism in the Pact for the Future.

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Media literacy digital library live now!

The Public Media Alliance's newly launched media literacy digital library aims to bolster the skills of Caribbean educators and journalists.

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Media Freedom Coalition statement on the closure of Al Jazeera in Israel

Members of the Media Freedom Coalition have expressed concern over new legislation allowing the Israeli government to restrict foreign media.

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Applications open for media literacy bootcamp for Caribbean media workers

Media practitioners from Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago can now apply for our media & information literacy bootcamp!

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Developing a library of media literacy resources for Caribbean educators and journalists

Behind the scenes: In this Insight report, we explore how PMA is developing a digital library of media literacy resources for educators and journalists.

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Information must not become a class issue

Swedish Radio leadership have emphasised the necessity of equitable information access following a visit to Ukraine's public broadcaster.

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Slovak government pushes ahead with move to replace RTVS, dealing fresh blow to media freedom

The plans fuel media capture concerns and present a real threat to independent public service media and media freedom in Slovakia.

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“Your credibility is on the line”: MFC urged to take action to protect journalists in Gaza

Read the collective call for action as PMA and 41 other organisations urge the Media Freedom Coalition to protect journalists in Gaza.

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New PMA project: Building the Caribbean’s next generation of media literate citizens

PMA's new media and information literacy project in the Caribbean aims to empower schoolchildren, educators, and journalists.

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