Media literacy digital library live now!

31st May 2024
PMA’s digital library of media literacy resources – featuring a global repository and expert-led videos – is a curated collection developed with educators and journalists in mind.
image of a computer screen with the EDUbox programme.
Edubox in action at Middenschool Den Brandt, Boom. Credit: VRT

The Public Media Alliance (PMA) is excited to announce the launch of its digital library of media literacy resources, as part of the “Building the Caribbean’s Next Generation of Media Literate Citizens” project.

Developed with the support of the UNESCO Cluster Office for the Caribbean and UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC), the digital library is a crucial component of wider efforts to empower schoolchildren, educators, and journalists in Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago.

The library is a curated collection, featuring 75+ media literacy, news literacy, and digital literacy resources from PMA members and partners around the world. It also boasts a smaller “Featured Resources” section of resources explicitly approved by reputable organisations for inclusion, and which come highly recommended by the PMA team. This section is designed to provide essential insights and guidance for those with limited time, ensuring that educators and journalists can quickly find valuable information.

PMA has further sought out expert voices to be included in the toolkit, leading to the creation of the “Expert Videos” section that guides educators and journalists through the process of developing, implementing, and evaluating their own media literacy initiatives. Already included in this section are voices from PBS LearningMedia, Ofcom, and the Center for Global Peace Journalism, with more organisations, broadcasters, and experts expected in the coming weeks.

Each resource in the library is labelled according to who can benefit from it – educators, journalists, or both – making it easy for users to find the most relevant materials for their needs.

“Users of the library can expect a diverse range of organisations – more than 20 from around the world – who each represent significant expertise and contributions to media literacy education,” Desilon Daniels, PMA’s Project & Advocacy Coordinator explained.

“The library will continue to be updated with more global resources and expert-led videos to ensure it remains a valuable and current tool for educators and journalists. For media literacy organisations, this library represents a great opportunity to further their reach and really make a difference.”

The digital library is a vital step in PMA’s efforts to enhance media literacy across Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago. Notably, the library will evolve as PMA seeks feedback from regional stakeholders on the resource’s effectiveness, the library’s usability, and any additional needs or topics that should be addressed, ensuring that it remains a dynamic and valuable tool.

What more to expect?

The launch of the digital library marks the first step in a long line of activities scheduled as part of our media literacy project in the Caribbean. In the coming months, you can look forward to updates on our other activities – such as the capacity-building workshops, in-country activities, and consultations – as well as insights from our partners and members. Stay tuned as we continue to advance towards our goal of fostering media-literate communities across the Caribbean.

Do you have a media literacy resource you’d like to be included in the digital library? Or are you an expert who’d like to contribute your voice? Send us an email at

The digital library is now available on PMA’s website! You can access the library here.