SRG SSR warns of significant cuts if levy reductions pass

The Swiss public broadcaster SRG SSR has warned a substantial funding cut would bring drastic consequences for Swiss media.

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NZ: Independence of PSM criticised by Deputy PM

New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister has attacked the independence of PSMs over their use of the indigenous Māori language.

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SRG SSR opposes proposed reduction in Swiss media levy

The Swiss public broadcaster SRG says a proposed cut to the media levy could see up to 900 jobs lost, with devastating results.

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Sackings and programme changes mark start of new KBS President

The appointment of Park Min as President of KBS has started with a number of sackings and programme changes that have angered critics.

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Germany: Scrutiny over licence fee mounts again

A year out from any decision, politicians in Germany are already positioning themselves to oppose an increase to the licence fee.

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