EMFA comes at a critical time for public media

The European Media Freedom Act - designed to better protect journalists and media - is certainly a significant step in the right direction, and it comes at a crucial time.

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Mental health for media professionals must be prioritised

Our recent workshop discussion, held at this year’s Radiodays Europe, found an urgent need for workplace mental health and wellbeing policies for media professionals.

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Crumbling advertising market piles on the pressure

A crumbling advertising market has added to uncertainty for many media, with dwindling revenue and increased competition from tech giants.

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Australia & NZ confront big tech as media crisis grows

Both Australia and New Zealand are looking to take action against tech platforms to make them pay news providers for their content.

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ABC and Tonga Broadcasting Commission cement relationship with MOU

The ABC and the Tonga Broadcasting Commission have exchanged a Memorandum of Understanding, recognising their longstanding relationship.

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New wave of criticism for proposed Papua New Guinea media law

Critics say a proposed media law would give the Papua New Guinea government unfettered power over free speech, including the ability to filter stories it doesn’t like.

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PBS Kids launches civics content initiative in 2024

PBS is rolling out civics-themed kids content, to encourage viewers to get involved and learn about what’s happening around them.

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Public service media and its obligations to Indigenous Peoples

In a new episode of Media Uncovered we explore how public media do and should represent, reflect, and serve Indigenous Peoples.

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GBC inaugurates political broadcast, monitoring and complaints committee

To ensure all political parties receive equitable coverage, GBC has inaugurated a committee to oversee coverage of the December election.

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Sri Lanka passes controversial law to regulate online content

Sri Lankan lawmakers have passed a bill to regulate online content that media freedom activists fear is an attempt to muzzle free speech.

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