People management strategies to ensure the development and growth of PSMs in the fragmented digital media landscape.

Creativity remains central to the success of public service media (PSM). But to ensure creative innovation, the nurturing and development of staff is critical for any public media organisation.

In an exciting new research project, PMA has partnered with Peter Block from the University of Westminster’s Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), to launch a project that will review the processes by which participating PSM’s manage the employer-employee relationship during the employment life-cycle.

The purpose is to highlight issues for the sector at large, identify common themes of staff development needs, and offer some practical recommendations for good practice to the PMA community.

For the pilot study we will be asking a cross section of the PMA membership to conduct an online qualitative self-evaluation exercise. This will be based on a set of people management attributes that cover the employment life-cycle, recruitment strategies and the supporting staff development activities each organisation has in place.

In the long term we aim to conduct a wider study across the PMA membership. Practical outcomes could include; a set of informative key performance indicators (KPI) and benchmarks for industry standards, a case study portfolio to add to PMA’s Knowledge Hub and the offer of a precursor to encourage the development of “communities of practice” in both Diversity & Inclusion and Learning & Development.

This is a great opportunity for HR departments to work with Peter and PMA. We hope that you will be willing for your HR managers to give little more than 30 minutes of their time to complete the online exercise.

Please contact us at if you would like to know more or contribute to the research project

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