State Media Monitor: The world's state media database


State Media Monitor: The world’s state media database

Center for Media, Data & Society, Marius Dragomir

The CMDS has made available its global database of state-administered media organisations, with information on how they are funded, managed and editorially controlled.

“Nearly 80% of the 546 state-administered media companies in 151 countries covered by this report lack editorial independence, analysis of the State Media Matrix data shows. More than 80% of the 436 media outlets whose editorial agenda is controlled by the government in various ways are media companies that fall into our state-controlled media category comprising outlets predominantly funded, managed and editorially controlled by the government.”

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The Export of US Infotainment

The Death of International Public Service Television

Jane M. Shattuc

Emerson College, Boston, US

Published for RIPE@2014, Workgroup 5: PSM and Convergence


What is the unstated line that public service networks will not cross when attempting to compete with commercial networks in terms of popular culture? This debate is often framed around documentary and the term “infotainment”—a value-laden term that cuts off any positive possibility of using popular culture as an effective tool for public service. What exactly does this mean? Working with concepts drawn from cultural studies specifically the work of Pierre Bourdieu, I will provide a discourse analysis of how popular culture and the fear of infotainment has been historically understood in the construction of three diverse public television networks.