New nominations for the Italian public service media’s Board are under heavy criticism by many governmental parties, which are now set to vote on them.
RAI logo. Image: RAI/Creative Commons
RAI logo. Image: RAI/Creative Commons

Yesterday, Antonio Campo Dall’Orto, RAI’s General Director, communicated the new nominees to the broadcaster’s Board of Directors. The nominations, which include Ida Colucci and Luca Mazzà, have sparked a series of heated critiques. The nominees are indeed close in line with the Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, and his political party, Partito Democratico (Democratic Party – PD).

The decision to replace the journalist Bianca Berlinguer as TG3 Director was especially contested, as she has often been critical of Renzi and his government. The ecological party SEL deemed the situation “very serious”.

This line of action is seen by many other politicians and members of the government as an attempt to reinforce support for the upcoming referendum, which will change the way the Italian government operates.  This decision is set to “pave the way for the electoral campaign in favour of the electoral reform,” said Loredana de Petri, member of SEL.  

Renato Brunetta and Maurizio Gasparri, members of the right-wing party Forza Italia,  joined the discussion. “Renzi said all the parties should be out of RAI,” they said “all of them but his PD, apparently. This is unacceptable.”

Controversy continues, as the nominees were proposed before even discussing the new editorial plans. The decision is largely seen as an attempt to standardise the quality of news, which would be more geared towards Renzi’s political line.

The session at the council today will most likely be very intense and decisions might result in a public media service that is less pluralistic and strongly sided with the politics of the country.

By Marta Catalano