Join us for our next virtual roundtable session on 8 December 2022, where we’ll explore how public media organisations can best communicate their value – tangible and intangible – to audiences. 

Members of the Public Media Alliance are invited to attend our next PSM Unpacked roundtable to discuss and share approaches to communicating public value to audiences.

Registration details and more information on this special event can be found below.

To register, please email by Monday 5 December. 

Public media organisations around the world are facing enormous pressures: competition from global streaming giants; increased scrutiny over their finances; populists attacking their purpose; mis- and disinformation undermining the truth.

It has never been more critical that audiences are able to perceive and appreciate the value of public service media. They must understand the critical role it plays in underpinning democracy, and in providing a crucial public service that benefits everyone.

Public media organisations are excellent communicators when it comes to informing audiences about news and information that matters to them. But how good are they at communicating THEIR OWN VALUE as publicly funded organisations?

What can public media organisations do to convey this public value clearly and directly to their audiences? How effective are marketing and brand campaigns, and are they worth the expense?

In this session, we’ll be bringing together public media organisations from across PMA’s global network to discuss how public media organisations – both large and small – can best communicate their value.

During the session, we’ll consider what value public media does provide, such as:

  • Social cohesion
  • Holding power to account
  • Underpinning democracy and combatting mis- and disinformation
  • Trustworthy election coverage
  • Education and culture
  • Emergency lifelines during disasters
  • High quality entertainment content

We’ll also consider the enormous pressures public media organisations currently face, from the competition provided by big tech and global streaming giants to diversifying news consumption habits. Against these pressures, how do public media organisations communicate their value to audiences?

Thursday 8 December 2022, 3PM (GMT)

(Check your local time here)

*The session will last between 60-90 minutes. Participants will not be obliged to commit to beyond 60 minutes.

Via Zoom. 

The session will be recorded for PMA’s records but will not be published publicly. Instead, a summary sheet of key discussion points, practical advice and resources mentioned will be made available shortly after the forum via our website and sent out to participants.

Participants will receive a link to the roundtable meeting upon registration.

Register your interest in PSM Unpacked:

“Public media: A lifeline during emergencies”
If you’d like to participate in this forum, please register via email to 

Please register by Monday 5 December.

Header image: CBC/Radio-Canada music event. Credit: CBC/Radio-Canada.