Join us for our first PSM Unpacked session of 2023! On 23 March, we’ll explore public media’s vital role in educating and engaging with young audiences.

Staff at PMA’s member organisations are invited to attend our next PSM Unpacked roundtable to discuss and share approaches on how public media organisations can best provide education material for youth and ensure that content is being engaged with.

To register, please email by Monday 20 March.

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For many public media organisations, promoting education is central to fulfilling their public service mission to inform, educate, and entertain. Similarly, reaching and engaging younger audiences is vital as public broadcasters strive to ensure their content is diverse, accessible, and universal.

However, educating and engaging young audiences comes with ongoing challenges, from funding pressures to changing audience consumption habits. Public media are pushing to remain impactful and relevant to young audiences, but how can they do so? What has worked and what remains to be explored? And how can public media overcome potential limitations, such as reduced resources and highly-charged political climates?

This roundtable session will be an opportunity for public media workers to share their best practices, reflect on successes and failures, and ultimately learn from others.

This session will bring together public media workers from across PMA’s global network. This session is ideally for those with some experience in youth education and engagement for public media, but it is also open to those looking to expand their knowledge in these areas.

During the session, we’ll consider topics related to public media education and engagement for young audiences, such as:

  • Areas of priorities for education and engagement
  • Best practices on creating and maintaining relationships with young audiences
  • Innovative examples of youth education and engagement
  • Opportunities for future initiatives
  • Shifts in education programming over the years
  • Navigating sensitive social issues
  • Building external partners
  • Remaining impactful and relevant

Thursday 23 March 2023, 14:00 – 15:30 GMT (UK time)*

Please see other relevant time zones below (or check your local time here)

15:00 (Central European Time)

10:00 (Eastern Daylight Time)

09:00 (Eastern Standard Time)

16:00 (Central Africa Time)

*The session will last between 60-90 minutes. Participants will not be obliged to commit to beyond 60 minutes.

Via Zoom. 

The session will be recorded for PMA’s records but will not be published publicly. Instead, a summary sheet of key discussion points, practical advice and resources mentioned will be made available shortly after the forum via our website and sent out to participants.

Participants will receive a link to the roundtable meeting upon registration.

Register your interest in PSM Unpacked:

“Youth education & engagement”
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Please register by Monday 20 March.

Header image: Concept of homeschooling or e-learning, young girl busy in writing by looking into laptop while teacher explaining during covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic crisis. Credit: lakshmiprasada S/Shutterstock