The Public Media Alliance is running a new series of thematic roundtable forums, exclusive to PMA members around the world.

The challenges facing public service media are not only growing but are also shared more widely than ever before. From funding to journalist safety, we will be hosting a series of roundtable forums for PMA members to discuss these challenges but also share innovations, successes and solutions.

Each session, a small group of PMA member employees will gather to informally exchange knowledge and best practices, and discuss how their organisations manage operations across different subject areas. Participants will be encouraged to discuss their successes, innovations and the challenges they face.

Our first topic up for discussion is commercial funding for public service media.

Whether large or small, public media organisations encounter similar struggles as audiences fragment, competition from tech giants grows, and financial stability becomes increasingly difficult. This forum presents an opportunity for our members to chat with their global counterparts in a small, intimate, and freeform setting. You can explain your organisation’s successes, innovations, challenges or failures and listen to the experiences of your colleagues. These aren’t discussions to be shared with the public; instead, it’s by our members and FOR our members. After nearly two years of being forcibly distanced from the world and our colleagues, this is a good opportunity for us to come together and work towards excelling public service media. 

Tentatively, 13:00-14:30 (GMT), Friday 26 November 2021.

Via Zoom. Please note that sessions will be recorded for PMA’s own records and a summary will be made available for PMA’s membership. This approach is to offer our participants the reassurance to openly share with each other.

Hopefully, you! While the session will feature up to five of our members discussing their approaches to a key PSM issue, there are also available spots for no more than 10 participants from other member organisations to listen in, pose questions, and offer input themselves. Would you like to ask how broadcasters can best advertise to audiences, sell productions, or collaborate with commercial partners? Or perhaps you’d like to know how other broadcasters are remaining commercially viable during the pandemic? Then this roundtable discussion would benefit from your organisation’s attendance.

Register your interest in PSM Unpacked:

“Commercial funding for public service media”
Places are limited: If you’d like to participate in this forum, please indicate your interest by Saturday 20 November.

Please email to register your interest or ask any questions.

Header Image: Family and friends happy moments in video conference at home. Credit: FG Trade/iStock