Regional PMA workshop on Responsible AI and Public Media

The Public Media Alliance (PMA) is proud to launch new workshop on Responsible AI for broadcasters across Southern Africa in partnership with Develop AI and SABC.
The AI Workshop will be hosted by the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Credit: Dylan Barnes /

27 – 28 June 2024


AI tools offer great potential for public broadcasters across their organisations, from streamlining workflows to factchecking. Yet as these tools rapidly develop and evolve, there is a real risk that they are introduced with a focus on fast implementation rather than value-driven impact.  

Hosted by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) at their Johannesburg HQ, this workshop for PMA members and other public broadcasters from across Southern Africa, is designed to mitigate some of the challenges posed by the rollout of AI tools by exploring how they can be best used in an ethical, responsible, and value-driven way across public media and public interest news organisations.  

The workshop will be led by Paul McNally, an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur with years of experience starting companies with a focus on AI, podcasting and community radio. He was a Visiting Nieman fellow at Harvard in 2016, has 16 awards, a Master’s degree, and is the author of an investigative, non-fiction book on police corruption. He is the Founder of Develop AI & Develop Audio and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

This workshop is part of PMA’s Global Grant scheme, kindly funded by the Grace Wyndham Goldie (BBC) Trust.

The workshop will cover:
  • Exploring AI tools, generative AI and coding with AI  
  • Southern Africa, bias, and language translation in AI 
  • Ethics  
  • Disinformation and deep fakes 
  • How to use AI in the newsroom – what should and should not be automated  
  • Costs, efficiency, challenges, and issues  
  • Quantity vs quality content  
  • Grand vision for each organisation  
  • Individual fears and worries regarding the introduction of AI in the workplace.  

PMA is grateful to SABC for hosting this event. We are also very grateful to the Grace Wyndham Goldie (BBC) Trust, who have provided funding for this workshop as part of PMA’s Global Grant scheme.  

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With funding from the Grace Wyndham Goldie (BBC) Trust