Press Release | Radio New Zealand
Paul Thompson, CEO of Radio New Zealand (RNZ) and the President of PMA.

RNZ CEO, Paul Thompson, has been re-elected as president of the Public Media Alliance (PMA), the largest global association of public service broadcasters representing 2.5 billion people in 54 countries.

Thompson has been appointed for a second two-year term and will be a keynote speaker in Jamaica this month at Speak Out! a PMA conference focused on rebuilding trust in media and democracy in a digital world consumed by ‘fake news’ and toxic social media.

Paul Thompson said he was delighted to be re-elected for another term as president at a time when access to free, accurate and independent media was under threat around the world:

“The Alliance’s advocacy for high-quality, independent multimedia journalism and programming is more important than ever as our colleagues in commercial media wrestle with ongoing disruption to their businesses and public media redefine their relevance in a multimedia world. “

“Meanwhile, in many countries independent public media and freedom of expression are under sustained attack from political and partisan interests. The Alliance is determined to support and advocate for the critical importance of trusted independent journalism that serves the public interest.”

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