PSM in the 21st Century: What value and which values?

This article is an edited version of Prof. Gregory F. Lowe's speech from the EBU Knowledge Exchange 2015 on the topic of PSM Contribution to Society.

The Global PSM Expert Roster is Live!

New RIPE network: "It's your life - it's your media. Get involved. Make a difference"

Public Service Media Online: Remit and Financing

The European Audiovisual Observatory organised and filmed this expert conference in November 2015 in Brussels in which participants discussed how public media is facing up to the challenges and competition of delivering content online.

A Conversation with RIPE Scholars

In a conversation recorded at the 2014 RIPE Conference in Tokyo, PSM scholars discuss their research into political, social, and cultural questions faced by public service media in the age of global interactive communication.

A Conversation with Hubert T. Lacroix

This video interview asks the CBC/Radio Canada President and CEO about the organisation's priorities, future changes and what these mean for its audience.