What’s in a name change?

The Public Media Alliance is proud to be building on the 69-year history of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association while broadening its scope to include broadcasters from any country – not only the Commonwealth – in our membership. We have relaunched with a new name and online presence to reflect our wider global focus.

As the Public Media Alliance, our interest is in the “shared public media space” and our commitment, as ever, is to support publicly funded, integrated digital media organisations – particularly as public service broadcasting evolves into public service media – including not only broadcast but digital, online, mobile and social media platforms.

Globally, despite an increasingly crowded media space, it is recognised that an independent shared and trusted public media space is needed more than ever in order for democracy to function effectively.

Our new website is a place where members and others focused on public media can access a global overview on issues relating to public broadcasting, and public media policy content. Like the changes we’re following, our content is now more interconnected – information on our members cross-references training we have provided and projects we have partnered on – we are mapping it, and will add more data as we collate it.

The Public Media Alliance exists to provide support, information and expertise to member organisations around the key pillars of public media, which are expanded upon in the dedicated What is PSM? section.

We currently number 102 members in 54 countries, and we would be pleased to hear comments and ideas from members and prospective members on what they would like to see more of on the new site, please get in touch.