What we do

The core work of the Public Media Alliance is to help strengthen and improve public service broadcasting around the world by supporting the development of high-quality public service content, gathering and publishing information on best practice, providing training and holding events to stimulate debate and knowledge exchange. We also engage in advocacy work – providing evidence and testimony when PSM is under review

We assist in building the capacity of our members and their staff with initiatives such as exchange programmes, where employees of our broadcasters can share and learn skills at a public broadcaster in another country. We also run specialised workshops, building knowledge in areas such as gender awareness, the value to broadcasters of harnessing social media, and the responsibilities and agility of broadcasters during (natural or man-made) disasters.

Our work around high-quality content focuses on supporting documentary film and multimedia production. Through our long-running project, WorldView, we provided development funding to projects, and filmmakers, that addressed key global issues in engaging, innovative and impactful ways. We also acted as the bridge between such filmmakers and public service broadcasters to help negotiate transmission.

Content Development

In a globalised world the PMA regards international coverage as a cornerstone of public broadcasting. But international coverage is not only about news – innovative storytelling is crucial for contextualising world events and raising awareness of issues affecting the wider world.

Sharing Skills

We offer our members free high-quality training courses across several areas of broadcasting. We run tailored workshops for broadcasters on a thematic or regional basis. Staff of members can also apply for bursaries to travel abroad for broadcast-related projects.


As an organisation with collective knowledge on public service media we are able to use this information to make representations on behalf of our members. This may include providing information in regard to transition from public service broadcasting to media organisations or providing evidence for government reviews on public service broadcasting.

Examples of our work

  • Global Grants: each year the PMA supports employees of member organisations who wish to spend time working with another member organisation in order to develop skills and gain new experiences and knowledge in public media policy and practice.
  • UNESCO & PMA Workshops: in collaboration with UNESCO, the PMA often organises workshops for to enhance journalists skills and knowledge on certain areas. In February 2016, the PMA ran a three day investigative journalism workshop in Kingston, Jamaica and a social media workshop for Caribbean journalists in June 2017.
  • Online self-directed courses:  our online courses offer employees of PMA member organisations the opportunity to study and develop their career skills with flexibility and in their own time. The following courses are immediately available: - Introduction to Radio Production - Radio News Production Level 2 - Introduction to Change Management Please contact info@publicmediaalliance.org to register and obtain passwords.
  • WorldView: founded in 2001, this project has helped to deepen global understanding of international issues via broadcast and digital media. By providing development funding, support and mentoring to filmmakers, it kickstarted more than 400 feature documentaries that focus on telling global stories and providing essential human context to the news. In 2011 the PMA launched YourWorldView, an award-winning online platform that showcases short films from around the world, while providing funding and opportunities for emerging global filmmakers. Both project are currently inactive but we continue to support public media content whenever possible.
  • Pan-Pacific media project: this media project is an initiative with the dual outcomes of developing fresh content from under-represented voices, and building the skills of broadcasters and media practitioners in the Pacific. The PMA collaborated with the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme, ABC and Macquarie University, and PMA member Tonga Broadcasting Commission.

What is Public Service Media?