French public media needs “thorough review”

Public media in France has been under critique as an industry that is losing sight of one of its core missions: democratising access to culture.

Foreign journalists in Maldives to require background checks

Media professionals will be now face restrictions to work in the Maldives, as the government has now disposed new immigration rules.

Provisional measure threatens autonomy of Brazil’s public broadcaster

The newly confirmed Brazilian government has recently proposed a measure that would change the structure and the autonomy of the public broadcaster.

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Nigerian public media should be independent to promote democracy

Attahiru Jega, former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), talked about the current state of public broadcasting in Nigeria, calling for structural changes.

Colleagues help fellow public broadcasters after floods in Louisiana

After the destructive flooding that afflicted Louisiana early this month, public media professionals are helping their colleagues.

Tunisia approves declaration on media freedom

Last week Tunisia’s President Beji Caid Essebi signed a declaration granting independent journalism and the right to information.

PSM Weekly 22-29 August

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New Information Bill contested in Fiji

A proposed Information Bill in Fiji may limit both media and citizens’ ability to access information.

PSM Weeky: 15-21 August

Our weekly round-up of public service media news stories and headlines from around the world.

Party in Brazil for public media

A Brazilian social movement is organising a party in São Paulo in defense of the country’s broadcaster