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Topics include best practices, country reports and the mounting challenges faced by PSM worldwide such as media capture, diminishing budgets and media convergence.

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Coronavirus: Resources & best practices

Essential resources for sourcing and reporting news about the coronavirus pandemic

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Mutual Aid and the “Messy Middle”: pushing public radio toward antiracism

September 2021
This report by the Tow Center explores how public radio stations in the US are adopting initiatives to improve their diversity.

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News in Asia

September 2021
The Judith Neilson Institute's latest report brings together experts and institutions to provide a nuanced account of journalism in Asia.

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The State of State Media

September 2021
A Global Analysis of the Editorial Independence of State Media and an Introduction of a New State Media Typology

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The Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2021

June 2021
The Reuters Institute's latest Digital News Report reveals new insights about digital news consumption in 46 markets.

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Are public service media distinctive from the market?

May 2021
'Interpreting the political information environments of BBC and commercial news in the United Kingdom'. An article by Stephen Cushion.

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The Missing Middle: Reimagining a Future for Tweens, Teens, and Public Media

May 2021
Joan Ganz Cooney Center and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting have partnered to better understand how young people are engaging with media today in order to help public media better serve Gen Z.

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Public service media in Europe: law, theory and practice

Contributing to a rethink of Public Service Media, this book combines theoretical insights and legal frameworks with practice, examining theory and policy development in a bottom-up manner.

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Online violence Against Women Journalists: A Global Snapshot of Incidence and Impacts

December 2020
This report presents a snapshot of the first substantial findings from a global survey about online violence against women journalists conducted by UNESCO and the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) in late 2020.

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Covid-TV: Routes to Content during Covid-19

What does the impact of Covid-19 on TV viewing tell us about the future of public service broadcasting (PSB) in the UK?

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Shining a Spotlight on Media Freedom?

October 2020
Media Coverage of the Global Campaign for Media Freedom - the first project report by Martin Scott, Mel Bunce, Mary Myers.

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Funding Journalism in Israel: Secrecy and Political Influence

June 2020
Unusual opacity is the most salient characteristic of the media system in Israel, where the involvement of political figures in media operation raises serious concerns.

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